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Forthcoming Auctions - 20 April 2018

We have 1 mortgagee property up for auction from 11:00am on Friday 20 April 2018.

  1. 8 Bellina Place, Broomfield presented by Tristan Harcourt

Forthcoming Auctions - 19 April 2018

Our state-of-the-art auction rooms are located on the ground floor of our flagship office at 98 Moorhouse Avenue. There is no parking available at Grenadier House, however, there is on-street parking along Moorhouse Avenue and in the surronding areas.


Order of sale is subject to change.

We have 17 properties up for auction from 12:00pm on Thursday 26 April 2018.

25A Marshland Road, Shirley presented by Sue Mercer
179A Bowhill Road, New Brighton presented by Jamin Marshall & Tim Harris
8 Mandalay Lane, Redcliffs presented by Michelle Ward
3 Twyford Street, Bishopdale presented by Michelle Ward
20 Tangmere Place, Burwood presneted by Jamin Marshall
7 Seager Lane, Hillmorton presented by Jamin Marshall
23 England Street, Phillipstown presented by Michelle Ward
109 Hackthorne Road, Cashmere presented by Nicky Brownlee
128 Stapletons Road, Richmond presented by Jonny Nicholls
2/545 Gloucester Street, Linwood presented by Lily King
149 Hussey Road, Styx Mill presented by Alexa Wall & Sue Rendel
105 Richmond Hill Road, Richmond Hill presented by Alison Carter
7 Edie Street, Wigram presented by Lin Ma
2 Division Street, Riccarton presneted by Mark Critchlow
1/15 Woodstock Place, Avonhead presented by Cheyenne Peck, Nicky Brownlee & Tim Sprott
2/585 Cashel Street, Linwood presented by Matthew Loose
15 Logie Place, Bromley presented by Jan-Louise Chesmar
128 Stapletons Road, Richmond presented by Jonny Nicholls

Forthcoming Auctions - 10 May 2018

Order of sale is subject to change.

We have 19 properties up for auction from 12:00pm on Thursday 10 May 2018.

701 Worchester Street, Linwood presented by Andrew Steel
14 Mclyntyre Street, Shirley presented by Jonny Nicholls
Broadfell Avenue, Avonhead presented by Phil Rotherham
3 Guardsman Place, Prebleton presented Milena Bartlett
10 Aroha Street, Pegasus presented by Alison Aitken
8 Gothic Place, Ilam presented by Alison Aitken
16 Six Silvers Avenue, Halswell presented by Jan Green
5A Shaftesbury Street, Avonhead presented by Judith Haslam
168 Dyers Pass Road, Cashmere presented by Alison Aitken
52 & 54 Innes Road presented by Cameron Bailey & Jamin Marshall
25 Hyndhope Road, Kennedys Bush presented by Milena Bartlett
47 Globe Bay Drive, Templeton presented by Sue Mercer
10/126 Idris Road, Strowan Presented by Andrew Steel
14A Clissold Street, Merivale presented by Aaron Pero
2/50 Blair Avenue, Papanui presented by Fernanda Hammett
15 Powell Crescent, Ilam presented by Manny McIvor & Jill Allison
23 Stanbury Avenue, Somerfield presented y Andrew Steel
1/17 Juniper Place, Burnside presented by Lin Ma
4 Sharman Place, Wigram presented by Lin Ma

Forthcoming Auctions- 3 May 2018

Order of sale is subject to change.

We have 25 properties up for auction from 12:00pm on Thursday 3 May 2018.

51C Neville Street, Spreydon presented by Christopher Graham
15/28 Gloucester Street, CHCH Central presented by Alison Aitken
9 Earl Street,  Opawa presented by Alison Aitken
24 Idris Road, Fendalton presented by Alison Aitken
165 Clifton Terrace presented by Michelle Ward
38 John Campbell Crescent Clifton presented by Jamin Marshall
7 Thoresby Mews, Avonhead presented by Kevin Conyers
2/75 Buckleys Road, Linwood presented by Bronwyn Hird
10/126 Idris Road, Strowan presented by Andrew Steel
3 Aratoro Place, Mt Pleasant presented by Deb Beesley
10 Inverness Lane, Redcliffs presented by Michelle Ward
101 Hargood Street, Woolston presented by Deb Beesley
4/4 Division Street, Riccarton presented by Mark Critchlow
19B Jane Deans Close, Fendalton presented by Lily King
47 Globe Bay Drive, Templeton presented by Sue Mercer
12 Mahuri Street, Parklands presented by Bruce Winder & Terri Winder
38A & 2/40 Maffeys Road, Mt Pleasant presented by Alison Carter
195A Highstead Road, Casebrook presented by Alex Voon
77 Teesdale Street, Burnside presented by Raewyn Marles
28B Lynfield Avenue, Ilam presented by Karen Blair & Denise Coughlan
1/18 Barnes Road, Redwood presented by Joe Butler
319 Ashgrove Terrace, Somerfield presented by Jamin Marshall
155A Grehan Valley Road,  Akaroa presented by Alison Aitken
155 Grehan Valley Road, Akaroa presented by Alison Aitken
241 Stanmore Road, Richmond presented by Alison Aitken
135 Lincoln Road, Addington presented by Tony Nicholls & Karen Collis