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Choosing Your Sales Consultant

What to Look for

Whom should I trust to sell my home?
The answer to this question can be far more important to your final success than even the popular real estate question: “What is my home worth?”

While the final current market value of your home will not be known with absolute certainty until after the final sale is completed, your choice of sales consultant and their real estate company is one of the most critical steps towards a successful sale, at the price that you are most willing to accept.

Here are some factors to consider:


Look for a sales consultant that you can trust and feel comfortable with over the duration of the sales period.
Let’s face it, buying or selling your home is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your lifetime. You need to be comfortable with whom you choose to do this and the proven manner in which they approach the task. 

Look for a sales consultant that is prepared to give you an accurate and honest appraisal of your home’s value. 
An accurate and current market appraisal is an essential tool in order to manage your expectations in regard to the current market value of your home. Appraisal‘s can be variable by up to 10-20% depending upon the weighting of a number of factors. A quality sales consultant will support their recommendations with as much factual evidence as possible.

Look for a sales consultant that will make the sales process as smooth as possible, for both you and potential buyers.
A good sales consultant knows that the value of any product is rarely achieved without adequate exposure (marketing). He or she should also be able to suggest any necessary steps you may want to consider to improve your home’s current value before it goes to market. Look for a sales consultant that can keep the selling relationship on a business-like and professional manner, especially in the heat of the moment.

Look for a sales consultant with outstanding current testimonials from satisfied clients.
A top performing sales consultant usually has in-depth experience with home sales in your area and is able to walk the tightrope between balancing buyer and seller expectations. Both buyers and sellers appreciate a job well done and this will reflect in an agent’s testimonials. Be sure to read what others have to say.

Make sure your sales consultant has the right backup
It's important for a sales consultant to have access to the right backup. Many top sales consultants have a team to assist them through various aspects of the real estate sales process - from conducting open homes, to running auctions, to ensuring timely follow ups, to responding to legal questions, to handling negotiations, to organising compelling photography, to suggesting home staging. 


Look for a real estate company that has an exceptional track record in the area you are selling in.
Certain real estate agencies will have a greater number of listings for a particular area than others, which in turn attracts more buyers. More potential buyers usually means that there is a greater chance for achieving the best possible price for your home.

Look for a real estate company that has a high profile in the community you are selling in.
This is still one of the best reasons to choose a particular real estate company. If you are aware that this company has a high profile, then so will buyers. This company is sure to attract the attention of all possible buyers – increasing the odds of you selling at the best possible price.

Look for a real estate company that has proven success.
There are very good reasons why any real estate company continues to achieve top results. They are good at what they do and people will keep coming back to this company. The benefits to you in working with a proven company that gets results can be enormous -  not only can it make you more money, but much of the stress of selling a home will be taken away.

Look for a real estate company that has a strong internet presence.
The internet is becoming more and more important in the real estate selling process. Your real estate company should be promoting your property on every major real estate website available. Their own website should be modern, user friendly and give buyers and sellers as much information about the selling process as possible.


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