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Andy Freeman AREINZ Nat.Dip.R.E

Andy Freeman

I didn’t have any rare or unique skills when I embarked on my career with Grenadier Real Estate Ltd, but I was focused and determined, ready to embrace every opportunity this exciting industry threw my way. As a result I’m now one of the owners of the company, working in partnership with Rob McCormack, the same person who hired me back in 1993.

There have been plenty of challenges along the way; I’ve seen the local market soar to all time highs, and watched it bottom-out in spectacular fashion. I was here when natural disaster brought our city to it’s knees, and I’ve worked alongside Cantabrians as they navigate the numerous legal issues which have surrounded the industry in Christchurch ever since.

Throughout it all I’ve helped agents defy the market conditions and overcome the hurdles in front of them to build successful careers. Our team has grown significantly over the years – when I started with Grenadier Real Estate Ltd there were 20 of us; there are now 240, spread between 8 offices right across the city including Banks Peninsula. 

Culture is all-important, and I’ve gone to great lengths to create an environment where our agents work collaboratively to achieve the best possible outcomes. Honesty and transparency are fundamental to this, and I ensure I maintain strong and open lines of communication with every member of the team.

As a constantly evolving business, we’re always on the hunt for individuals with fresh ideas and enthusiasm, and we’re regularly creating new openings at management and partnership level for people with the right attitude. Indeed, this is an industry where you can control your own destiny, and where your potential really is limited only by your imagination.  

I’m living proof of the world of opportunities that await those who are prepared to put in the hard yards, and I love working alongside motivated individuals who have big dreams and are eager to succeed.

Andy Freeman AREINZ Nat.Dip.R.E

Managing Director Grenadier Real Estate

1020 Ferry Road