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Cathy Lin

Cathy Lin(林敏超)

Have studied and worked in New Zealand, Germany and China, Cathy has a particular interest in helping clients to buy and sell residential properties by providing outstanding customer services and practical opinions.


Cathy speaks English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Chaozhou dialect which is an advantage when dealing with local and International clients. She has an enthusiastic attitude towards both life and work. Her down to earth and friendly personality relates well to people from multi-cultural backgrounds.


With her professionalism, confidence and patience, she aims to provide excellent services and achieves the best results for her clients. 


在新西兰,德国与中国的学习和工作经历,为Cathy配备了国际化视野的学习背景与能力。 她非常热衷于房产销售,专注于提高客户满意度并提供实用有效的建议。Cathy掌握英语,国语,粤语和潮州话,能够高效地与本地和国际客户进行沟通。她是一个充满正能量的人,接地气和友好的性格使她与不同背景的人都相处非常融洽。Cathy的目标是用她的专业,热情和耐心帮助每一个客户成功出售或购买心仪的房产。她值得您的信赖!

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Cathy Lin

Licensed Sales Consultant

49 Merrin Street