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Fang Wang

Fang Wang

Selling or buying real estate is one of the most important decisions you will make in life. So it is really important to use a sales consultant who will listen to what your real estate needs are and work in partnership with you to get the very best result.


Fang has worked previously in architectural design and management in top international architectural companies in China, and 4 years in earthquake “repairing field” in Christchurch. This has given Xfang a real appreciation of the problems Cantabrians have faced with their repairs.


Fang's previous working testimonials express how they appreciated her honesty, reliable performance and exceptional outcomes she delivered. Fang’s can-do attitude and her excellent communication skills in all her roles have endeared her to those that she has worked with.


Languages bridge the communication with people from different backgrounds, but there is something more about people behind languages that connects people who are from different cultures. Fang is fluent in Mandarin and English and knows moving to Christchurch several years ago was the best move she has ever made.


Fang’s philosophy in life is “a promise made, is a promise kept”. So when looking for a sales consultant that has integrity and commitment, give Fang a call, she won’t disappoint.













As my consultant, I was so impressed with Fang's service and integrity. As an overseas buyer, I didn’t have any idea about what to do or check buying a property. Fang listened to my requests and needs very carefully. As time went by, my ideas kept changing during the viewings. However, she was always so patient. Fang showed me many properties and also did a lot of research and made sure I didn’t have concerns about the properties. Finally, I found my ideal home, and with her help, I sorted all the problems involved with IRD registration, a building inspection and insurance, and won the house in the auction for a good price. She is like my sister and looked after me really well. I really appreciated such an excellent consultant and I feel lucky I met Fang. She will be my lifetime friend. 芳作为我的购房顾问,我对她的服务及人品非常认可!我作为一位初到贵国的海外买家对如何选房购房一无所知。芳在听取我的要求之后前后找了多处物业带看,并且对我不断休整的要求不厌其烦,最终找到了我满意的房屋。为了顺利拍下房产,我在她的帮助下快速办理了税号,检测了房屋,咨询了保险价格。她就像我的妹妹,使我在异乡感受到家人的关心和照顾。在拍卖当天她帮忙以满意的价格拍到我钟爱的房子。在此我要衷心的感谢公司培养了如此优秀的员工。我非常幸运能在异国他乡遇到芳,她将是我一生的朋友。
Qing Pan
Great direction and support within the market. The speed of the sale was excellent. All the small processes of the sale were taken care of very quickly.
Wesley Short
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Fang Wang

Licenced Sales Consultant

98 Moorhouse Ave