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Gwyneth Carlaw

Gwyneth Carlaw

Gwyneth Carlaw understands the significance of her client's decision to employ her as their sale consultant. They are putting in her their trust to get the job done and done well and to this end Gwyneth satisfies her obligations time and time again. 

The sheer gravity of someone's decision to buy or sell property is motivation enough for Gwyneth. She believes it is critical that her clients feel conformable with her and her style and that they remain as informed as she is at all times. As a property investor Gwyneth knows all to well the importance attached to this type of business and how much you rely on your sales consultant to keep you up to date with developments.

This type of regular contact with her clients comes naturally for Gwyneth who is a self-confessed people person. Armed with an affable personality and a genuine passion for the work, it's not hard to see why her clients put their trust in her on a regular basis. She loves her job and derives a great deal of pleasure from seeing her clients satisfied.

Born and bred here in Christchurch, Gwyneth has worked in Real Estate since 1989. Previously employed in corporate promotions and various clerical positions, she moved to real estate to satisfy her desire for new challenges and the opportunity to work hand in hand with her clients to reach their goals.

As an integral member of the award winning Harcourt's Grenadier City office, Gwyneth continues to satisfy her clients by getting the results they deserve.

To discuss your next real estate move with a true professional, contact Gwyneth Carlaw. 

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Gwyneth Carlaw

Licensed Sales Consultant

98 Moorhouse Ave