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Jan-Louise Chesmar AREINZ

Jan-Louise Chesmar AREINZ

‘Intelligent’,’ perceptive’ and’ tenacious’ may not be the first adjectives many would think of when describing the typical real estate consultant but they apply to Jan-Louise.

 A vibrant and intelligent person with an amazing depth of knowledge of property throughout our city, Jan-Louise has worked with both buyers and sellers for the majority of her adult life. She is a very well respected realtor who year after year reinforces her many lifetime clients view of her as the complete professional.

Ms Chesmar knows the value of effort, the effect of perseverance and the reward of success for her clients. And that is the rub, for few in real estate have had such sustained success as Jan-Louise. She is not a showy person, but one who delivers what she says she will do.

For evidence, one would need to look no further than her myriad of clients who return to her for advice, guidance and business. Indeed many of her clients have become friends who have enjoyed her wit, her company and her readiness not to just go further but to do so willingly to ensure the best possible outcome. Such an attitude takes effort and quite simply long hours on the phone talking to people, visiting, researching or processing contracts – tasks that for Jan-Louise are a part of what she believes she must do, what she does to sustain her status as one of the very few at the highest echelons of Harcourts residential sales.

Success is often measured by yardsticks that reflect on the consultant but for Jan-Louise the focus must be the client, it is their needs, their outcome that matters. For those that enjoy working with a very special person who does brilliantly for her clients, then the opportunity to talk to Jan-Louise should not be missed.

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Jan-Louise Chesmar AREINZ

Licensed Sales Consultant

98 Moorhouse Ave