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Janice Ji

Janice Ji

Janice Ji spent five years as a Customer Service Consultant in international finance which also provided her with International Currency skills. Because of this experience Janice has a professional, detailed and caring approach to Real Estate.

Janice's real estate career has excelled, she is renowned for giving her full attention to everything she does, backed up by her sales results, excellent track record in the auction room and her loyal clients that continue to use and refer her.

Whilst not only selling homes and helping purchasers secure their new home around Christchurch, Janice has also been involved in the promotion and selling of a subdivision plus working closely with developers marketing their townhouse complexes.

Like all of us Janice believes Real Estate is one of the biggest investments we make and when considering the sale and purchase of a home or investment property you need to make sure you have the right consultant representing you. She also believes it's important to have the backing of the trustworthy company and assistance of a professional environment with full support from her management team in order to make sure your Real Estate experience is outstanding.

It's important to Janice that her clients are comfortable and satisfied with each step taken whilst ensuring no stone is left unturned in the search from the premium results in the current market.

If you are looking for an agent that provides you with the satisfactory outcome that you deserve then call Janice today.


Janice 不仅帮客人买卖自住房,而且也参与帮助开发商分割开发土地,以及联排别墅。

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Janice Ji

Licensed Sales Consultant

98 Moorhouse Ave