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Jonny Nicholls

Jonny Nicholls

Having recently been awarded Platinum status which recognises the highest performing Harcourts agents in New Zealand, Jonny combines an unprecedented work ethic with tailored marketing plans for each and every one of his clients to drive premium prices in the shortest possible time frame.


In a business that is too often transaction-driven, Jonny’s service to his client’s remains discreet, focused and face-to-face. He understands that you and your demands are unique and very personal. His high performance will always place you at the centre of the process to ensure that your needs are fulfilled.


At the same time Jonny embraces cutting edge technology and more creative ways to market your property to buyers. He is not confined to one publication or one location. Today it is about search engines, reaching millions of buyers and sellers world-wide, in real time.


The emergence of social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram and AIM marketing has changed the playing field; he understands this and uses these sites to perfection. Jonny knows that buyers are more intelligent, sophisticated and they expect the response time to be short. For that reason alone, Jonny and his team are very proactive in their processes to ensure buyers and vendors are receiving information fast and in real time.

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Jonny Nicholls

Licensed Sales Consultant

98 Moorhouse Ave