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Juliet Lill

Juliet Lill

On first impressions, most who have had the pleasure of meeting Juliet, comment on her vivacious personality, her natural warmth and her genuine interest in people. Those who talk further, get the opportunity to recognise that there is a keen mind, obvious professionalism coupled with business acumen which in turn delivers outstanding results for all her clients.

Experience matters and fifteen years in the industry is reflected in the welter of testimonials others who have entrusted her with their properties, attest to. Juliet has experienced all market types in the past fifteen years and knows how to sell your home effectively according to the current market.

With Juliet comments from clients such as ‘an authentic person that understood our goal and achieved them’, ‘a hard-working consultant that achieves the very best results’, ‘results driven’ and ‘committed to those she works for’ have been offered by those who have worked with Juliet Lill over the years, and they, offer you credible appreciation of how she does her business.

What is obvious, is those who make the decision to entrust Juliet Lill with their real estate business are following a path many a happy client has walked and in many cases happily walked time and time again. If you are looking for a consultant that offers up to date market knowledge and proven results, then the decision to engage Juliet would be a wise one indeed.

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Juliet Lill

Licensed Sales Consultant

98 Moorhouse Ave