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Juliette Lee

Juliette Lee

Juliette embraces recent changes to real estate industry legislation and she’s of the new generation of real estate salespeople. But her real estate experience spans more than 7 years in the new legislative environment, adding crucial skills to her fresh informative approach. Taking a holistic approach to property transactions, Juliette has over 20 years of skills developed for forming an understanding of the critical needs of her clients & customers, and that she can draw upon to negotiate any hurdle in the sale or purchase of real estate.


Juliette has an inherent ability for reading people which she draws upon to gain the best out of difficult negotiations. She strongly believes ethics and professionalism should underpin every relationship and undertaking in the process of buying and selling property. Having spent decades in a professional career where people’s goals and relationships with clients were key, she prides herself on her ability to listen and communicate, her ethics and integrity, and her commitment to hard work.


Juliette is a focused individual, who gives her energy and drive to perform for her clients’ benefit. Her focus is on the best ways to bring together her clients and their potential buyers, and in providing valuable and timely feedback for the benefit of their sale or purchase. Her dedication and commitment to performing to the very best of her abilities is evident in the satisfying results she achieves for her clients and customers, and in the repeat business and referrals they send her.

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Juliette Lee

Licensed Sales Consultant

98 Moorhouse Ave