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Mackenzie Brownlee

Mackenzie Brownlee

“Mackenzie epitomizes drive, energy, compassion and enthusiasm, it’s not only about her goals, but achieving yours with total satisfaction.”

Mackenzie is Christchurch born and bred in and comes from a family immersed in the Real Estate industry. Buying and selling property is in her blood and she understand that the process can often be challenging and complicated. Mackenzie will take the pressure off you allowing you to make clear and concise decisions throughout the process. 

Mackenzie is honest, well organised, and forward thinking, and able to understand people from all walks of life and situations. A strong background in sales has cemented her skills further. 

Be confident that when you choose to work with Mackenzie you will not be disappointed as her goal is not only for an outstanding sales outcome but a memorable one.

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Mackenzie Brownlee

Personal Assistant to Alison Aitken

98 Moorhouse Ave