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Rob White

Rob White


Helping Sellers & Buyers "City Wide" Selling or buying real estate is an exciting time. You can see the future wide open, a world teeming with possibility. It’s a time for making fresh connections, for finding a rewarding new path in life. With each and every relationship we make in this business we get to experience much the same feeling. 

It’s why we love what we do… and why we wouldn’t trade it for anything. Real estate, first and foremost, is about the client. It’s a mindset encapsulated in our personal vision statement: "It’s not about us, it’s about you.”

This approach is backed by how we get work, which is mostly by referral. We don’t door-knock and we don’t believe in the excesses of self- promotion. Quite simply, people believe in us and are more than willing to recommend and re-use our skills and experience. These skills are greatly enhanced by our ability to work off each other’s strengths. Nobody can be everything to everyone. However, with the combination of a vivacious, outgoing woman and an empathetic, grounded man, you can get the best of both worlds.

This bond is a reason why we connect with people from all walks of life — and why we enjoy it so much. When we’re not working our favourite pastime is catching up with friends and family. Quite simply, we spend our time on people… and the rewards are huge. we get to connect with them during a sometimes — stressful time and provide a dependable, professional service. Then we get to watch as their dreams take flight. There are many different ways to achieve results in real estate. 

You can be flashy and dazzle people with elaborate jargon. You can wheel and deal with intricate complexity. Or you can excel on an innate enjoyment for helping others — you can work on a passion for achieving the dreams of your clients.  That’s how we do it. For you.

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Rob White

Senior Licensed Sales Consultant

130 Colombo Street