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Shaun Grob

Shaun Grob

Shaun grew up in London, United Kingdom. He made the move to Christchurch at just 17 years old. Taking advantage of his dual-nationality, he studied civil engineering at the University of Canterbury. From knowing absolutely no-one, Shaun quickly developed his greatest skillset - building relationships. Having met people from all walks of life, his diverse network has amassed to what it is today.


Shaun is just as passionate about people as he is about houses. Trusting Shaun with the opportunity to market and sell your home, or to help you buy, isn’t something he takes lightly.


He realises that your house is more than just bricks and mortar, it is your home, your life and often your biggest asset. Shaun treats each client’s home as if it were his own. Your investment in him is met with equal investment in you.


Shaun is an incredibly motivated individual and will work tirelessly to exceed his client’s expectations, create a memorable experience and most importantly; deliver results.

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Shaun Grob

98 Moorhouse Ave